Wooderra is Panama's most comprehensive source of ecological high-quality solid wood products such solid wood flooring, wood decking, table slabs and more. Affiliated with Timber Resource Management and Panama Teak Forestry, Wooderra is the ultimate brand and distributor for these sustainable timber companies. We only extract from sustainable sources and in "rescuing" salvaged wood.

With the aim of bringing Panama's exquisite natural woods to the globe, we deliver our wood products to anywhere in the world. Wooderra's timber concessions, strategic international partners, and worldwide timber trading network allow us to bring the essence of Panama's sustainable forests and salvaged ancient tropical woods straight from the plantation to your home. What makes Wooderra exclusive and special is that we are vertically integrated. That means we are entirely involved in all aspects and stages of planting, harvesting, salvaging processing and delivery of our wood, offering our consumers the opportunity to purchase directly from the source.


Tropical woods are praised for their values, beauty, resilience, and durability, however illegal harvesting of this exotic resource is commonplace. For this reason, Wooderra only relies on two main categories of wood sources.

  • Firstly, sustainable managed plantations and forests are what makes us stand out. They are the sources of dry land trees that come in the best quality. Depending on the growth rate of the trees, the plantation's efficient management ensures supply is continuously replenished. This practice allows for zero exhaustion or exploitation of wood, which ensures growth sustainability.
    In Panama, due to irresponsible forestry practices, tropical forests have been systematically wiped out by cutting and burning, mostly for cattle farming. Wooderra employs sustainable methods, and our tree farmers have rehabilitated the productivity of hundreds of hectares of land by planting them in teak and tropical hardwood. Green land management is vital to our philosophy, not only to contribute to the reforestation program in Panama, but also reduce the greenhouse effects.
    Our suppliers have planted over 1 million trees, which contribute to sequester carbon footprint, reverse global warming effects, and allow us to provide valuable and unique eco-sustainable products to our customers. What's more, we continually improve our techniques and practices to reduce waste.
    Wooderra´s workers have a connection with nature, which influences their cutting techniques. They rely on the moon cycle to determine when it is the best time to harvest teak on our teak plantations. As the lunar cycle affects the amount of sap and moisture in a living tree, cutting it at the right time in the moon cycle maximizes the quality of the wood. This is particularly true with teak, more than other species of wood. Utilization of these techniques make our teak considerably competitive in the market.
  • Secondly, Wooderra has competitive sources of salvaged wood, which is valued for its eco-friendly nature and exotic tropical beauty. Our motto is to bring our customers closer to nature by offering them "the sunken treasures of Panama" with eco-conscious and innovative practices. Some of our main salvaged woods from Lake Bayano.
    Located in eastern Panama, Lake Bayano covers 2,470 hectares of tropical forest and has an interesting background. The name "Bayano" was a tribute to "negro Cimarron Bayano" as he was an integral leader in the rebellion against Spanish colonization in Panama.
    In 1976, the lake was created when the river Bayano was transformed into a dam that generated hydroelectricity. Today, the plant is Panama's second largest energy source. The construction resulted in the sinking of a massive standing tropical forest, which is a great source of submerged tropical hardwood. Wooderra likes to refer to them as sunken treasures.
    Millions of board feet of exquisite tropical woods lie on the bed of this man-made lake. The wood has been perfectly preserved due to its extended submersion underwater and fresh water's oxygen-poor environment.
    The dam establishment also led to the migration of the Comarca Kuna de Madungandi and Emberá indigenous communities elsewhere, whose "comarca", or semiautonomous reserved areas, were moved along the lake's border.
    The Emberá are now benefiting from these natural resources and mastering the planting techniques for renewable, native forest management on the dry land areas they possess. They are currently Woderra's skillful woodworkers, as a part of our strategic plan for green investment to provide new jobs and economic opportunities in rural communities.
    Wooderra distributes woods which are reclaimed and processed by our direct companies with extraction concessions from Lake Bayano and by working with Emberá community on the lakes. The Emberá are masters at diving and work exceptionally well underwater.
    Wooderra's eco-responsible managers, workers, and future makers understand the nobility and necessity to recover trees that would otherwise be wasted, which consequently scales down the demand to log resources on land.


Wooderra's vision is to share the most beautiful, unique and highest quality woods in an ecologically conscious manner.

Following is a list of the most exquisite species we currently offer:

  • Teak
  • Almendro
  • Amarillo
  • Amargo Amargo
  • Balsamo
  • Zorro
  • Espave
  • Quira/ Kira
  • Zapatero

To help you make the right choice, we'll help you learn about their different characteristics, weight, and appearance of these types of wood from Panama. Different species are best suited for specific purposes, such as flooring, decking, countertop, and paneling.


By responsibly reclaiming the rare woods mentioned above, we provide an incredible selection of timber solutions with the aim of offering the ultimate "one-stop" shopping experience to our customers. Plus, our woods are carefully selected, ensuring renewable resource in the future, so that our customers can make use our renewably resourced products in an eco-friendly manner.

  • Wood flooring: Because it is salvaged wood flooring, every piece has a story behind it. Wood flooring is a lifetime product which adds value to one's home or commercial applications at resale time, We offer a variety of character, colors, and finishes that will suit every style and design expression, from sophisticated to eclectic. If you want specific customization concerning textures, stains, and tints, we can do that too!
    If you are caught in between the engineered and solid wood option, carefully weigh the benefits of the two, starting with the 5 reasons to choose solid wood flooring that we collected from experts and our customers' feedback.
    For the teak lovers out there, we provide kiln dried teak flooring that can be directly delivered to you from the plantation. Considering its high value, resilience, and excellent aesthetic quality, it is no accident that solid teak flooring is so popular compared to other alternatives. Wooderra can provide guidance for your customized order as we have more to offer than just kiln-dried teak to offer.
    If "exotic hardwood flooring" is your way to make a statement, we provide a great selection of various hardwood species. We understand their virtues and make the best out of all the hallmarks of exotic wood floors, including their alluring colors, durability, authentic grains, incredible hardness, and so on. Their enticing attributes guarantee to be an attention grabber as well as add value to your home
    Curious to know more? Explore our list of types of flooring.

  • Exterior decking: You will be on the right track if you are leaning towards a wood decking instead of composite one. Not all types of wood can be stable though, this is why we have carefully selected for our customers the higher-grade natural lumber that has been proven to be high-quality and withstand the test of time. Plus, we make decking installation an easier project with our deck tile.
    When building a deck, it is as important to know what to do and not to do, which is why a thorough guide before starting a decking project [HN1] can come in handy. This initial stage will also involve learning about the different types of decks [HN2] to find one suitable for your project. While composite and artificial decking materials have certain desirable qualities, classic and natural materials like wood still remain the top choice of many homeowners and contractors. Teak decking is the answer if you want to take outdoor lifestyle to the next level.
    Another top performer is Cumaru decking. Its rich, warm appearance generates a welcoming atmosphere that one would be find irresistible. Wooderra's premium grade Cumaru is 100% resilient, durable, natural, and can be delivered straight from our plantation to your home.
    It is very possible to come across options of deck materials which will lead to new construction ideas. It will ultimately result in a deck design that elevates the appeal and values of your exterior sphere. With that being said, careful research is necessary for weighing the pros and cons of the different characteristics of different species.

  • Pergola: Its basic anatomy consists of sturdy boards and crossbeams. Vines or lattice are used as decoration. The craze for pergolas started in the Italian Renaissance period as they became an architectural embellishment in gardens or outdoor areas in general. Pergola is the perfect way to stay under the shade in sunny summer days. Indeed, particular benefits from tropical hardwood pergolas make building one can be a fun and worthwhile project.

  • Teak fence: In addition to its visual appeal, teak has long been trusted for its inherent durability and dimensional stability. A properly installed teak fence will not only look great over time, but it will also maintain its straight form. Considering a wood fence? Here's a primer on wood fences to help you make an informed decision.

  • Trellis: A subtle and attractive addition to your garden. Wooderra provides both open-weave style and solid panel fence, depending on our customers' preference of aesthetics and functionality. Our teak trellis fences are versatile. They can be used to support the climbing of plants and flowers, a delicate vine, or simply to conceal unattractive features in your outdoor area.

  • Wood Panel: There are so many reasons to fall in love with wood paneling, as a wall treatment it has seen a resurgence with innovations in design, and can be used in virtually every design style, is eco-friendly , and adds value to your home.
    As a natural wood product, every piece is unique. Whether you would go for a tight grain, like that of teak paneling, or salvaged wood boards with extra bold characteristics, the look is guaranteed to be a one-of-a-kind, timeless investment.
    Measurement affects looks; thus, make sure you know how to measure you walls before installing paneling if teak is going to be your option of material. For interior spaces with tricky shapes, check out our instructions on how to measure angled walls. Wooderra's tongue and groove teak paneling can also be useful for customizing specific patterns.

  • Countertop: Wood countertops heighten the appeal of a traditional or country kitchen, and bathroom. By familiarizing yourself with our wood countertops 101 guide, you will understand why they are making an incredible comeback with their rich characteristics, as an alternative to cold stone.
    Some may be pondering whether to countertop or to not countertop. The best way to answer that question is to know what countertop materials are available out there, along with their functionality and values. On one hand, synthetic materials are low-maintenance, offer different benefits, and have homogenous and uniform look. On the other hand, wood requires more maintenance but is the ideal surface for chopping and slicing. Consider the pros and cons carefully to make the best decision.

  • Lumber: Wooderra also provides raw wood material needed for house building, fencing, or furniture projects. Our lumber is available in different dimensions to serve any design idea.

  • Molding: We can't stress enough how solid wood materials are better for the environment, compared to plastic moldings which are made of petroleum which cause substantial amount of pollution during their manufacturing.
    Additionally, our solid wood moldings come in a myriad of simple yet attractive stock profiles. You can paint or stain the profile detail, and nail the molding easily. Our product can be installed in the bathroom.

  • Slabs: True solid wood slabs up to 4 inches thick we offer some of the most impressive table top slabs in the world. Delivered straight to your door, each of our logs comes with its own original story. Either with curly figure or limb crotches, our slabs display the raw beauty of wood with its natural characteristics. Our comprehensive selection of slabs make unique and natural works of art come alive.