Solid wood products distributor profile

Wooderra is becoming one of the biggest and most diversified distributors of solid wood products from Panama. Specializing in natural wood products with a wide range of varieties made from some of the most well-known Central and South American Tropical Hardwood species, which come straight from our exclusive sustainably managed plantations and forests.

At Wooderra, we understand that our buiness is built from quality, customer trust and peer respect, which we endeavor to earn. Our vertically integrated system, enabling a beginning-to-end production line, allows us to offer unique services to our customers. Wooderra's goal is to become your one-stop timber supplier.

Because we commit to quality and gaining the trust of our customers, and thanks to the excellence and integrity of our management leadership, we have become the quality solid wood products distributor to serious buyers. Our reputation is also a result of the priorities we place on ecologically conscious manufacturing, efficient, on-time problem solving skills, and the relationships with our customers and manufacturers. We believe that as the needs and visions of our customer change, so must we. And we endeavor to grow with our customers while remaining dependable, trustworthy, competitive, and responsible.

Intricate and responsible productions

Since 2004 Panama Teak Forestry has been growing and building a synergistic group of interrelated companies, Wooderra has become the natural wood products brand and distributions channel for this group.

As an efficiently managed company, Panama Teak Forestry manages its operation in some of the safest, well-performing tropical timber plantations and timber concessions with more than 7,000 acres of timber resources.

As a responsible and thorough company, Panama Teak Forestry manages the timber assets and growing process throughout the full cycle of production, taking care to respect the optimum harvest date, and we not harvest and/or sell logs prematurely, unlike some other timber companies.

Using their experience in wood plantations, our managers choose a suitable parcel of land and then make sure all the essential steps are executed properly. This involves preparing the soil; planting and managing the trees and the harvest stage of the mature timber. Wooderra offers an impressive selection of types of wood that promise that satisfy any taste: Teak, Almendro, Zorro, Espave, Amargo Amargo, Amarillo, Quira/ Kira, Balsamo, and Zapatero.

Panama Teak Forestry Timber resource management goes beyond the balance sheet as it helps preserve the world's tropical forests in the spirit of ecological sustainability, which is one of our core values.

Alongside with bringing sustainably managed solid wood products to our customers, Wooderra also distributes noble wood products as our manufacturer Panama Teak Forestry has access to salvaged woods from Lake Bayano in Panama and is able to extract them using eco-conscious and innovative practices.

We usually refer to them as " sunken treasures of Panama" as the rare woods found in Lake Bayano are valued for its high quality and exquisite beauty. Prior to being a man made creation, Lake Bayano used to be a massive standing tropical forest with valleys and hills.

The sinking of millions of broad feet of tropical hardwoods result in their virtues. Being under water does not kill them but rather makes them stronger than before. Indeed, the extended stay in water boosts the rare wood's resilience, as the majority of resin has leaked out. The fiber of the trees also stay in exceptional conditions.

What's more, no one knows the area better than its locals. This is why Wooderra collaborates with the Emberá people on Lake Bayano. They are one of the two most well-known communities sharing the lake.

Seizing the opportunity, Wooderra knows that it would be a waste to not explore and recover the salvaged woods on Lake Bayano. Our extraction of these precious wood helps reduce the demand of timber resources on land and methane emissions. It is interesting to note that taking the wood out of lakes also benefits the lake as it raises the capacity for water storage.

Wooderra distributes solid wood products that are directly manufactured by our affiliated companies, under the umbrella of Timber Resource Management. We are their official brand and branch of distribution. Made of several diverse lumber and forestry companies, Timber Resource Management consists of talented directors who collectively have decades of experience in the timber and milling industry.

As their motto is to provide wood products to meet every need, Wooderra works with Timber Resource Management to bring you a variety of wood species of high value that travel all the way from sustainably managed forests and extraction points of salvaged wood to your door as final finished products. The wood products we provide are often in high demand, including wood decking, teak and hardwood flooring, solid wood paneling, and many more.

Products for every need

To produce the best quality, cut-to-spec lumber, we have our own kiln and mill. Kiln-dried and milled timber is praised for its beauty and functionality. The reason is that it can be used to produce the following useful and fashionable products:

The narrative of solid wood flooring is constantly discussed in the timber industry and among customers. There are so many types of flooring out there, and yet teak flooring and exotic hardwood flooring still remain tough competitors upon the invention of synthetic and wood imitation materials. The solid natural wood floorings' unarguable aesthetic values and ability to stand the test of time for generations speak for themselves.

A lot of questions are raised when it comes to a wood paneling project: from the types and applications of wood paneling, selecting the right type, to the resurgence in the popularity of teak paneling and installation tips, Wooderra and article database with guidance and general information to help you make the right choices.

With its high aesthetic appeal, durability, and flexibility, wood decking has been the chosen alternative for replacing traditional patios and terraces. Wooderra constantly looks for timber which employs environmentally beneficial practices, which make wood decking a definitive best choice over man-made products made of non-renewable raw materials.

Choosing the right materials for your bathroom or kitchen countertop is an important decision, from a functional and aesthetic perspective. Wooderra takes your interior design project very serious. This is why we offer wood countertops which have an impact on the aesthetic and functional value of your home for many years to come.

One main reason wood beams are preferred over other construction materials is that they are budget-friendly.

As an eco-sustainable company, this matters to Wooderra and to our customers as well. Wood beams can be incorporated into a range of designs with little difficulty. Made of high-quality solid lumber, Wooderra's wood beams perform well, have high durability, lasting for decades without any detection of wear and tear.

With a tropical hardwood pergola you can enjoy the breezes, fresh air, and hide under a pretty shade on a summer day.

Using Wooderra's advantage deck tiles, you can remodel the balcony, rooftop garden, or patio making way to the living area that you've always wanted. Our deck tiles are cost effective, easy to install and come with years of hassle-free use without the need for constant maintenance.

Teak wood is spectacular in so many ways, whether used in functional or decorative applications. A teak fence can last for decades, offers the clear advantage of a natural beauty versus synthetic fencing. Wooderra offers teak fencing of great dimensional stability and flexibility that can conform to symmetrical or asymmetrical installations, accentuating them.

Looking for a solution to enhance the overall look of your garden? Not only does Wooderra's trellis fencing give your garden a visual upgrade but it also increases the functionality of your outdoor area. Our decorative trellis fence can also be used a strong support for roses, jasmine, honeysuckle or morning glory vines to climb on. Giving your garden a transformation of charm and character with trellis fencing is a smart decision.

Wooderra provides beautiful wood moldings in intricate cross-section design so you can make well fitted adjoining surfaces on a window, doorways, and recessed nooks in your home. Depending on your choice of species and level of intricacy of the profile, you can find wood moldings to suit most budgets. The wood moldings we provide can have a variety of profiles and we encourage our customers to indulge their design preference with this value added, elegant finishing solution for doors, windows and interior applications.

We also offer slabs and lumber boards for customers that need building materials that are functional and easy to install. Be sure to contact us for a consultation on your special customization as well.

Our values Towards a sustainable future

Wooderra's commitment to healthy environment takes place from the seeds we plant to the final products we deliver. Reforestation is one of our chief strategic plans so we contribute to the sustainable future we want to create.

Our manufacturer, Panama Teak Forestry, has implemented a large-scale program to restore the productivity of hundreds of hectares of land by planting them in tropical hardwood. The restoration of native vegetation in environmentally sensitive areas is also our focus, as we believe in the importance of increasing the land's biodiversity. In addition, we also commit to the protection of wildlife and water quality as part of our continuous efforts to restore the eco-balance under our management grow.

Community is the key

Wooderra is a business with social responsibility, accountability and respect for the community. We bring new employment opportunities to Panama's rural communities, which help enhance the lives of working families here. Jobs related to forestry and milling, in historically low availability are now provided by Panama Teak Forestry in different areas.

Our labor face and the company's engineers collaborate in the spirit of maintaining timber and livestock and restoring vulnerable lands to a natural state. Our employees are encouraged to share the sustainable and eco-friendly land management skills they learn from the company's managers with their families and friends, as we aim to expand the awareness to a larger community.

Also, we ensure that labor safety is incorporated in all of our practices and procedures. We are committed to practices which benefit our community and our company.

Production of excellence

Wooderra functions as a fully integrated company. With extensive resources and exclusive manufacturing competence, we efficiently manage the process so that each of the products is under strict quality control from logs to the finished products. This means that our customers can have access to economical, superior quality, diversified products with great value, all from one single convenient point of supply.

Customer satisfaction is our goal

We strive to bring you quality wood and wood finished products, obtained from sustainable and renewable sources at economical prices. We are your ally in every step of your wood project by providing the appropriate solutions, innovative service, variety of choices and quality products available.