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Our unique selection of slabs with or wihout live edges, will help you create your personal space with natural masterpieces. Often used to
decorate your walls or make tables. Each piece is unique.


1. The beauty of live edge slabs

Live edge slabs are as individual as the trees that they come from. Thanks to a natural cut of wood, live edge slabs as a separate unit still hold the unique attributes of the trunk along one or two of its edges.

Typical uses of live edge slabs are:

  • Dining and conference tables
  • Coffee table
  • Bar
  • Countertops
  • Benches
  • Shelving
  • Cutting boards
  • Headboards
  • Ceiling fan blades, and many more applications.

Slabs with no live edge also have the original elegance of their own. Both straight edge and live edge furniture are highly valued for their organic and unmatched beauty. They are the go-to option for an interior d├ęcor scheme that seeks to communicate an exceptional quality rather than an otherwise average surface.

Wood slabs can be used to create a beautiful contrast. While straight edge slabs can be incorporated in the creation of a uniform and smooth feature in a highly creative interior sphere, live edge slabs can help soften the lines in a space that hasa strictly linear look.

2. 1000+ of products made of 30+ wood species

We make sure our customers get the right species, in the right dimensions, and are offered the appropriate pricing. Wooderra has a great variety of domestic exotic wood slabs, and you are bound to find the perfect piece for your next project.

  • Teak/ Teca
  • Quira/ Kira
  • Zapatero
  • Amargo Amargo/ Bitterwood
  • Balsamo/ Santos Mahogany
  • Zorro/ Tigerwood
  • Almendro/ Brazilian Cumaru/ Brazilian Teak
  • Amarillo
  • Espave/ Espavel
  • Grand Cashew
  • Cedro Espino
  • Cuajao
  • Cedro Amargo
  • Nispero
  • Quira
  • Royal Mahogany
  • Sigua
  • Zapatero
  • Zapotillo
  • Peronil

And many, many more types of wood slabs!

3. Approved seller

From the inland forests to submerged forests of Central and South America, and with offices around the world, our network of approved manufacturers, certified suppliers, and skillful woodworkers has the capacity to reach out to the globe. Our buyers are not only offered access to our products, but also the authentic story about each wood slab which we salvaged ourselves. All Wooderra wood slabs are hand-selected, put through a thorough evaluation process, and they arrive at your door with its beautiful originality

Secure transactions

Once you locate the perfect slab for your project, place your order in our secure and private system. All of your information is ensured to be confidential with us. All wood slabs are ready to ship directly from our approved manufacturers and certified suppliers to any address around the world. Considerably large volume orders will receive discounts.