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Solid wood moldings to cover transitions between surfaces or for decoration. With an open space behind the molding.



With years of experience, let us tell you why.

1. A classic beauty:

Dating back for several centuries, wood trim has been used as a means to add finishing touches to interior spaces, from grand palaces to humble cottages. These trims were all made by hand and freshly applied to the ceiling and walls. With the advancement of machine tools, you now have of a wide range of the very same classical patterns but with a lot less hassle to get them on your wall.

2. Wood is green, plastic is not

Eco-conscious homeowners come to us with the aim of buying a renewable material. We offer our ecologically sustainable wood, coming all the way from Central and South America. Wooderra affiliates with Panama Teak Forestry, the plantation management of which ensures the consistent replenishment of every tree fell. Along with Timber Resources Management, we are also the sunken timber rescuer who reclaim salvaged tropical hardwood woods from Lake Bayano, reducing the number of trees harvested on land. On the other hand, moldings made of alternative like plastic are harmful to the environment. It is nonrenewable, in shorter supply, and the manufacturing of plastic generates a lot of pollution.

3. Highly flexible

Wood trim is very flexible, allowing the craftsmen to cut the exact size that you want, and then easily slide it into designated place.

4. A good coat keeps rot away

The common knowledge dictates that wood is susceptible to moisture, which can lead to rot and mold. This is actually only true to a certain extent. It all depends on the type of wood you choose. There are an array of resilient wood species that have a spectacular defense mechanism against moisture, rot, and bug attack and last for generations. Besides, you can always cover the wood trim with a good waterproof coat.

5. Easy removal

Just as is it easy to install, removing wood trim doesn't take much effort either. Simply slide a thin and flat object under it near a rail, for example like a screwdriver tip or a knife, and gently pry the wood trim up. Once a gap is found, put a nail puller under for more leverage. Typically, a full 8 to 10-foot piece can be removed without any damage done to it. Don't forget to pull the nails out for reuse purposes.

6. Pay money now, save more later

Although you might have to pay a little more for wood trim, the fact that it is easy to use and reuse is rewarding. While plastic moldings may be cheap, wood trim is actually a more budget-friendly option in a long run.

What kind of solid wood molding would you like for your home? Let us know.

We offer:

  • Baseboards
  • Crown molding
  • Ceiling molding

They are all made of ecologically sustainable solid wood that completes and enhances the look of your home. We also customize other types, depending on the demand volume.